Judgment Biases: Where Do They Come From? What Can We Do About Them? (Virtual conference)

Practical information
20 January 2020

ENS, Jaurès building, room U205, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

FREE PASTRIES (with discussion of implicit bias in academia)

On Monday, January 20, the DEC Equality & Diversity Team will host a viewing of an online talk on practical advice for reducing implicit bais in academia (see abstract and speakers below), followed by a brief discussion. This talk was part of a 2019 online SFN workshop. Please note that without an SFN membership, watching this online would cost $150, so please take advantage of this free viewing. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of FREE PASTRIES AND COFFEE.

All are welcome!

Abstract : We develop implicit bias as young children. In this session, we will discuss how our stereotypes develop and how they influence how we see ourselves and others. These biases permeate academia, influencing what choices we make, and whom we select as employees and leaders. There will be a discussion of the many ways to minimize the effects of implicit bias on assessment, recruitment, and selection. Best practices will be discussed, including the need to think critically about evaluation criteria and techniques for “widening the pool” of individuals.

Free Pastries