Problem solving in acellular slime molds

Learning and decision making have hitherto been investigated almost exclusively in multicellular neural organisms. Yet, evidence for learning and decision making have been described in single celled organisms : ciliates and slime molds for instance. In this conference, in the first part of my talk, I will focus on decision making in slime molds and explore various frameworks: nutritional geometry, speed versus accuracy trade-off, Weber's law and social influence.

Judgment Biases: Where Do They Come From? What Can We Do About Them? (Conférence virtuelle)

FREE PASTRIES (with discussion of implicit bias in academia)

On Monday, January 20, the DEC Equality & Diversity Team will host a viewing of an online talk on practical advice for reducing implicit bais in academia (see abstract and speakers below), followed by a brief discussion. This talk was part of a 2019 online SFN workshop. Please note that without an SFN membership, watching this online would cost $150, so please take advantage of this free viewing. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of FREE PASTRIES AND COFFEE.


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Evidence-based practices for promoting equality & diversity. Discussion with the founders of Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS)

What works for promoting equality and diversity in academia?
How to take cross-cultural differences into account when trying to adopt evidence-based practices?
How to monitor effectiveness, namely when data is missing or its collection is restricted?

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